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NEW: "Queen of Ashes" is out on audio

"Queen Of Ashes" written by Denise Daye and narrated by M.K. Blackwood is the sequel to "The Night Queen": a fairy tale retelling of the Brother's Grimm story "King Thrushbeard".

Publisher's Summary:

Mina ascends the golden throne and stands atop a crumbling realm. With her enemies breathing down her neck and Alrick's life in danger, she is forced to venture on a dangerous path once more. One that means inviting "the Monitor” into her life.... King Algar's bastard son, Rune, cares for nothing and no one. But even he can't help but accept the invitation when the Rhine Queen sends for him to bargain for peace–and the life of her lover she intends to marry.

Rune swears the way her beautiful eyes awaken a passionate desire inside him has nothing to do with his willingness to consider her outrageous offer. But when the price for peace is higher than some are willing to pay, people will get hurt. Can the young queen save her kingdom and marry the love of her life?

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