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New College Fantasy Romance

Denial, by R.S. Crawford is officially out on audio!

This book was an emotional roller coaster to record. I had such a personal connection to some of the struggles the main character faces and it was a cathartic experience to dive into this story in the booth.

Riki has written a story that is both gut wrenching and healing. If you enjoy college, fantasy, angel romance with found family, mental health rep, and solo-narration, this is your next must-read.

Publisher's Summary:

Secrets don't make friends. But neither does the truth.

Following her father’s untimely death, Livvy Reape moves from the mountains of Montana to the shores of South Carolina to attend college. She is determined to make the ghost of her father proud and to correct the sins of her past.

It isn’t long before Liam, a pretentious biologist, comes barreling into her life. No matter how much she insists they can only be friends, he dedicates himself to proving they could be more. Before Livvy knows it, Liam’s warmth is all she craves.

But the voice in her head tells her something is wrong. Liam is not who he seems. He has his own secrets, and is wounded, just like her. She cannot allow herself to get attached.

As the battle in her head escalates, Livvy finds it harder and harder to establish what is a danger and what is the spectral of pain from her haunted past. Her struggle consumes her, until one fateful night, things come to a head and the biggest secret of her life is revealed.

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