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Who is M.K. Blackwood?

I'm a narrator who specializes in all things dark and smutty. I'm an avid reader and book lover who takes pleasure in escaping into rich fantastical stories. And just like you, I have a very curious mind.

For so many of us, books are an escape outlet. They bring excitement to the monotony of modern living and they teach us a little something about ourselves. Maybe you're here for the education, maybe you're here for fun, whatever brings you to romance lit. I hope you bring your friends and stick around!

If you read smut, you already know that the romance community is the most welcoming, imaginative, and colorful group of individuals you'll ever meet! It's a community I am very proud to be a part of and one that I hope will embrace you in the way it has embraced me.

M.K. isn't my real name, and if you do discover who I really am please don't share it with anyone. That's our little secret.

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