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The Initiation is out on audible!

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

"The Initiation" is a steamy dark romance by Elena Monroe narrated by yours truly and Toby James. This one was really fun to narrate because I absolutely love dark brooding MMCs, how can you resist Grimm and his gorgeous tattoos???

I also love a good mystery and there are a lot of secrets to uncover in this story. If you're a fan of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, secret societies, and a no nonsense main female character you will LOVE this one.

Publisher's Summary: Abigail:

LA wasn’t home. Just home for now.

Transplanted here to model, I learned Hollywood isn’t where dreams survive the harsh reality of millions all sharing that same dream.

Executive assistant is who I am now.


Hollywood’s darling took a liking to me. One not easily ignored when they give you a taste of the high life.

I was supposed to give up hope and give in to LA’s bad reputation, but I had rules.

Well, just one: read the rules before you break them.

Unwilling to abandon all my morals, the filter came off my life to see the world I was one foot in was invitation only....


I’m not sure I was ever really Jason.

Whoever he was, they are a distant memory now.

Grimm is who I am now.


I abandoned my birth name, companionship, and happiness that wasn’t shaped like Xanax all because I was expected to be the kind of elite that pulls the strings.

Pull the strings but follow the rules.

No distractions.

No serious relationships.

Keep what we do secret.

Born into a rite I didn’t ask for, a society of puppeteers.

An invitation I marked not attending.

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