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The Demon Lord's Contract on audible

Book 2 in the "Rise of the Demon Lords" series is on audible narrated by M.K. Blackwood is out on audible!

Publisher's summary:

"You know what they say about making a deal with the devil. Well, demons are worse....

Falling for a mafia boss billionaire who just so happens to be a demon lord was a big mistake. Now, I’m pregnant with Caezar’s baby. Not only that, I've discovered that I’m part demon.

I know that Caezer was only using me to break a curse binding him to earth, but I need him to help me navigate the demon world so I can protect my baby.

If I don’t stay close to him, the morning sickness from my demonic pregnancy could kill me. And Caezer is so hell bent on looking after me and our baby, that it’s starting to feel like we could actually be a real family.

Then, a Prince of Hell proposes a deal that means betraying Caezer in exchange for my brother’s freedom. I’d do anything for my brother, but if I agree and Caezer finds out, there will be hell to pay...."

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