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New Release: The Alpha's Fated Encounter

Out now on audible, book one of the Fated to Royalty series in dual POV solo-narrated by M.K. Blackwood.


I walk into the bar with my pack, and I scent her straight away.

She’s lying behind the counter with blood trailing from an injury to her head. My desire to protect her stuns me almost as much as her beauty.

But it’s the smell of her blood that stuns me the most—it’s something not quite human.

When she wakes up, her fear tells me all I need to know. She definitely thinks she’s mortal.

I choose to disagree.

I make my pack watch over her while she heals, and she’s surprised I want to protect her. It's obvious she hasn't had good experiences with shifters in the past, but I intend to show her I'm different.

I also need time to find out the truth about her, including why she's being hunted by our kind for reasons I’m yet to understand.

All I know is that whoever this woman really is, she’s special. And she's mine....

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