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New Release: "Indulge Me" by Emilia Rose is on audible!

"Indulge Me", by Emilia Rose, is book 2 in the "Addicted to Him" series. Perfect for fans of age gap romances who like extra hot smut and plenty of it!

Publisher's Summary:

"Excite Me" Book 1: "If my best friend finds out I’m dating her dad, I could lose more than just our friendship. But I can’t keep my hands off of him. Worse than that, I think I might care about him more than just a fling."

"Indulge Me" Book 2: "I’ll do anything to keep Michael safe, but can I do the same for myself? I’m trying to not let the rumors circulating around town destroy the best thing I’ve ever had, but it’s even harder when Michael’s ex-wife starts spreading lies about us and threatening me at work. And when my ex-boyfriend shows up at my college and promises I’ll be his again one day, things get worse. I’m scared his obsession with me may turn into physical violence. He’s never been one to lose gracefully, and he sees me as his biggest prize."

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