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"Heal Me" audiobook is live!

"Revived" is book 2 in the "Heal Me" series by USA Today bestselling author, Stacy Eaton.

Publisher's Summary:

A New Year’s Kiss with a stranger will turn Pediatrician Walker Hunt’s world upside down. Even more so when he is called into the hospital for a drowning victim and finds out the patient is the son of the woman who changed everything for him months ago.

Jasmine Willows is done with her husband and his cheating ways. She’s ready to serve him with divorce papers and move on with her life. When her son falls through the ice and clings to life, she comes face to face with the man who gave her the inner strength to move forward.

Can Jasmine deal with the fact that her son might have sustained life-altering damage due to his submersion? Will Walker and Jasmine find the sparks they briefly shared, or will the incident with her son send them in opposite directions when the ex-husband shows back up?

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