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"Cowboy" is out on audio!

"Cowboy" is book 1 in the Delta Security series written by D.L. Lane and narrated by Eric Bryan Moore and M.K. Blackwood.

D.L. has a talent for creating dynamic and layered characters. You're not just going to fall in love with Jesse, but you're going to fall in love with ALL the guys of Delta Security who will each be getting their own book.


"The men of Delta Security are all ex navy seals who formed a brotherhood serving together in the same unit. Once a Seal, always a Seal might be their unspoken motto, keeping their focus solely on their missions and their hearts walled-off tight when it comes to romance. However, a select few women have taken on a mission of their own—annihilate those steel-enforced walls. And when the last impenetrable bar bends, the battle-hardened men of Delta Security will lose the one fight they all refused to—love."

Book one tells the may/december love story of elite soldier, Jessy "cowboy" Compton, and the woman he can't get out of his head, Tinsley Southerland.

"Cowboy" Publisher's Summary:


I wasn’t seventeen any longer, but I still had a problem—Jesse Compton kept up the pretense he was too old for me. I tried to move on, but he pulled me into his orbit. So, we rode off into the sunset of our happily ever after, right? Wrong. Fate tossed in some wicked plans in the form of a five-foot-five mafia princess and a nightmare from his troubled past, both threatening to destroy us.


She was the most breathtaking girl I’d ever seen. Only I was all wrong for Tinsley Southerland for many reasons. If I wanted to protect her, I had to kill any attraction I possessed. Yeah. My body didn’t get that memo, and a series of reckless decisions put Tin in danger. Now I had to keep my cover and her safe while not losing my heart, my head, or our lives in the process

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